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El campo

--the arrival.

Easing into a 10 hour bus ride to Cartagena, I let my body nestle into the musky coach bus seats. Air blowing from the vents above was keeping me afloat; my head ascending into the cloud waves that were my dreams.

I was awaken by a whisper next to me, telling me it was 11 p.m. and time to call our friend. I rubbed by eyes and groggily checked my phone. Our friend, a Cacao contact, had connected us with a cacao farmer in Monteria - some small town along the 10 hours between Medellin and Cartagena. He was awaiting our call. After several tries and a choppy phone call with him, we were able to secure our farm visit with local producers the day after tomorrow. I slumbered back into my groggy state, knowing that it would be another 5 hours till we get to Cartagena.