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Dear Beloved,


I need you to know that you come from love,

From grind-

Bones scraped down to dignities,

Majestic thunders and wounds of grace,

Meekness and alchemy,

Vienna waiting and

Preemptive eruptions;

Held disbelief at bay.


You were sought for,

Fought for, and showered with amethyst and comets

Explosions in flight.

The sound of trees louder

The ocean like massive boulder,

Glazed with clouds, sent

Streaming into corners of the world.


Unidentified ethnicities swirl around your coven heart

With terrible ease,

Water through sand,

Dust settling in bone.

And I am mountain in my soul,

Derived from violence that settled to an afternoon rain

On my namesake of green pastures and silent waning seasons and

Vast lands

Mostly with nothing to say but

Breaths and sighs, murmurs and hugs.

The four lines of a surname that is majestic in its right.


You should know that every nail-biting anxiety was dissolved when you entered from stage right.


We became scenery and prop-master in your regal dance

Of earthquake proportions,

What a story you carry at the eye of your storms,

At the calm phoenix core of your soul,

Already textured with woven stories and tremors of breath

Your life is poetess.


All the ways we learned to jump from cliffs

And soar with paper-mache wings forged midair

Documenting the seas like foreigners and islanders,

Circling more than the sun.

Tropical feet carry us home on-

Prayers wafting open-palmed-incense and sage to the navy-purple

Dyads of the sky.


There will come time when you

Must wander into the oceanic forests of your own

So that you may know in your quiet soul

The sound of trees and the scent of ocean,

What the fearlessness of streams are like.


My child, cry when you must and dream of lands beyond the heavens,

Dance with the natural renaissance of

Blessed slow love and frequent cares.


Feather ashes cover your skin,

Because you are fiercely wrought from tulip breeze and dragon sighs.

Dance eloquently through each landscape of your life,

Noticing each breath you give to the world is received

By valiant trees-


Becoming citizen of humanity, Restless-


Eyes straining to look through precarious clouds


I find your land glorious as Narnia unfolding,

And walking lampposts through a pilgrimage to the soul.

You are the m(ore) I wish to polish and gift to the world

If you allow me.


Creativity of my bones and poetry of our hearts.

Know that the will to freedom is in your blood,

Because you are fought for and showered with amethyst and comets exploding-


Forever yours,


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