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this is another type of insanity

christie wong

Twenty four with no financial value in this world.

The pulsing of a heart that doesn’t count it’s exhalations
A dim reminder of impeding failure
And a legacy of nurtures unseen.

Poor in riches and rich in uncharted hope
The faith of oceans
In tidal sand dollars.

How souls are valued when they are gone
But money washes to sea deaths in
Unheard clangings.

Your resilience does not matter to the metropolitan.
Your faith in people comes with happy laughter and crying under ceilings,
Falling booms,
Loud knockings.

You can live without much, but you want much because of beauty.
Because of enriched lives
Because of mind.

Empathy is not legalized,
Generosity is not chartered
You breathe anyway,
Till your heart fails in an instant.

Polaroid released in riptides
Ruptures of impact,
Possibilities exist, but only one thread continues
May he lay in shavatsana.

If your first insanity is feeling your will is being tortured,

then the second is not being able to breathe when you can.

The world can suffocate an advocate,
May it educate on kindness and
Restful nights,

On sunsets and iridescent skies.

Stupid and young once,

stupid and tortured twice
There is no room for water from your eyes.

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