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Who is the Girl on Saturn?

Hi! I'm Christie :)


Girl on Saturn actually started many years ago as a writing project titled A Raw Typo. English class had enamored my sensitivity to the power of words in my life. My foray into forests of linguistic valleys and hills left me emotionally raw and gave me release to be ever more honest to my own soul.


Ever since then, I have been tumbling around in all sorts of expressive avenues, truths, adventures and getting my hands and feet muddy in those pursuits. I am a self-taught painter, designer, photographer and event coordinator. I get to use all my skills to create experiences for others through art, poetry, video, photo, food tours, chocolate tasting experiences and facilitated workshops!

My yearnings to dream, build community, and allow space for free expression for others and myself have manifested opportunities to bring other’s visions to life, alongside my own.

I had always felt all these facets of my being were these separate things to different people... Until my best friend started referring my creativity as this persona- the Girl who lives on Saturn.


Since then, I realized this metaphor applied a lot to my adventurous soul- I am all at once realistic, adventurous, organized, free spirited and imaginative...and always up to see the galaxies. She deserved a voice and here I am deciding to give her one, through you, through us.

I hope I get a chance to meet you and hear about what makes you spin and live!

With Love, The Girl on Saturn

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