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Welcome to the Noteworthy Collection, a Colourama collaboration with Christie, from Girl on Saturn. Together we created handmade linen + crochet dish cloths before Christie worked her colour magic and bathed them in earthly colours.


Natural dyes have mystical qualities. Organic-based and non-toxic, their colours change like the passing of seasons. Each use brings new life to up-cycled fabrics and shows the depth of colour held in plant fibres. There is no right or wrong to the transformation of your tea cloth, it’s all part of the larger cycle.


For thousands of years, dyes were created by using natural materials like leaves, roots, bark, and flowers. Humans took inspiration from the land and created some of the most beautiful and longest lasting coloured fabrics with these natural dyes. In modern days, the fabric and fibre industry have moved towards synthetic dyes that can create reliable and easy to repeat results for a globalized industry.


Still, we longed for a return to the tangible joy of creating dyes and loving the happy mistakes that can come by combining plant material and mordants. We hope you can enjoy and love our creations too.



*1 linen + 1 crochet dish cloth per package*


🍳Beet-Pickled Eggs: Cochineal Linen (Purple) & Turmeric Crochet (Yellow)

🍳Quiche Lorraine: Turmeric Linen (Yellow) & Cochineal Crochet (Purple)

🍳Frisée-Lardons: Alkanet Linen (Grey) & Madder Root Crochet (Peach)

🍳Green Eggs + Ham: Avocado Linen (Light Peach) & Cochineal Crochet (Purple)

🍳 Smoked Salmon & Eggs: Turmeric Linen (Yellow) & Madder Root Crochet (Peach)

🍳Egg Drop Soup: Avocado Linen (Light Peach) & Alkanet Crochet (Grey)

🍳 Simple Carbonara: Alkanet Linen (Grey) & Cochineal Crochet (Purple)

Simple Carbonara~ natural dyed linen and crochet pot holder

SKU: 1
  • 🌿 To wash, pair with like colours as new pigments may release.

    🌿 Use a machine or wash by hand with cold water.

    🌿 Hang to dry in the shade or set the dryer on low heat setting.

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