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This all began in a hammock, at FIKA cafe. 

We decided to write a book together purely for the sake of fun, and to put our creative energies somewhere productive. There was no theme starting out, no real plan. We just kept writing, digging out the pieces within us that illustrate who we are & the world we experience.

We are two twenty-four year olds, young-hearted and open minded. We love creating and discovering beauty. Simply, we love art. Being 20-somethings navigating these often dark galaxies, we struggle with much. To keep the magic in living, alive. Struggle to create, to find and enjoy beauty, to draw closer. A struggle we feel in so many others around us as we all make our way through the same journey.

If you’re reading this, it’s because it fell out of us. 

We wrote this, because this is what waves look like falling on the shores of reality. This is us. What living looks like, and what it looks like to struggle and persevere in finding & creating beauty. 

We’ve spent MUCH time preparing this second print run with MORE illustrations, pieces, and the Footnotes. These Footnotes give a bit more story & context behind where the pieces came from. 

We’re so happy we get to hand this over to you :)



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"don't say the rings on saturn don't spin"